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  • Rain spray tape sprinkler hose

  • Rain spray tape sprinkler hose

  • Rain spray tape sprinkler hose

  • Rain spray tape sprinkler hose

Rain spray tape sprinkler hose

Product Description


1. Made by plastic extrusion, direct punching on the production line, wide spraying range and wide application in irrigation of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

2. There are laser and needle punching available. Laser ink jet printer can print letter or pattern on the tape.

3. Flat and coiling package, light weight, and easy assembly, construction, transportation and storage.

4. High installation efficiency, short construction period, low cost and easy disassembly and removal for irrigation.

5. Low working pressure (0.2-0.8 bar). It saves energy over 20% than sprinkler irrigation.


S/NModelWidth (mm)Dia. (mm)Wall thick (mm)Holes punched   qty/setHole set spacing   (cm)Max. running   length (m)Spray width (two sides)(m)Roll length (m)Caron size(cm)Rolls/ ctnGross   weight/ctn


qty for 1x20feet container

Cartons   qty for 1x
]40HQ container
1PRST200232200.22/3/5/7/910-40352.520036*36*24514.36960   cartons1811   cartons
2PRST250240250.22/3/5/7/910-4040320036*36*28517.30768   cartons1503   cartons
3PRST280184528.50.182/3/5/7/910-40503.520036*36*31517.66697   carton 1472   cartons
4PRST28024528.50.22/3/5/7/910-40503.520036*36*31519.35697   cartons1344 cartons
5PRST3201850320.182/3/5/7/910-4050420036*36*33519.51655 cartons1333   cartons
6PRST320250320.22/3/5/7/910-4050420036*36*33521.411214   cartons
7PRST400263400.22/3/5/7/910-4080520036*36*33421.081233   cartons
8PRST400363400.32/3/5/7/910-4080510033*33*38519.001351   cartons
9PRST500380500.32/3/5/7/910-40100512036*36*35423.47617 cartons1108   cartons
10PRST500480500.42/3/5/7/910-40100510036*36*35425.881005   cartons



12PRST6304100630.42/3/5/7/910-40150610036*36*35324.241073   cartons


  • Water must be clean. Screen filter with over 60 mesh can be bound to water pump inlet, if necessary, to stop impurities.

  • More valves shall be opened in first use. Valves should be turned up and down according to the irrigation pressure, so that the tape can not be burst due to too big pressure.

  • The tape should be laid around the slope on the hilly farm, instead of along with the slope.

  • It should not be dragged to scratch the tape.