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Corporate culture

Corporate culture:

Corporate Mission: Make every drop more meaningful
Corporate Vision: To be the leader in China's micro irrigation industry
Corporate culture: Unity, Share, Dare, Fast action and Innovation
Core values: Customer first, Honesty and Trustworthiness, Dedication, Win-win cooperation
Core values:
Customer First:
1. Customer first, smile service, make customers feel our sincerity.
2. Think of what customers think.
3. The little things of the customer are our big things.
4. Empathy, put ourselves in the customer's shoes.
5. To meet all customer's reasonable requirements, to the satisfaction of the company and the customer.
Honesty and trustworthiness:
1. Honesty: To be honest with company, colleagues, and customers, not to lie, not to fake, not to deceive.
2. Trustworthy: To be credible and keep promise.
3. To be true in word and resolute in deed.
Do your duty:
1. Stick to your position, clarify job responsibilities, know what to do and what not to do;
2. Proactively solve problems, do not shirk, do not evade.
Win-win cooperation:
1. Be good at empathy and maintain the interests of all parties with an open and inclusive attitude.
2. Win-win with employees to create an environment where the company and employees grow together.
3. Win-win with customers, provide value-for-money products and services, building an interest and cause community.